Ok, so you want proof? Great, here are student interviews and a scroll of student checks. This flat out works, you can join us.






Gerson: “I am actually DOING this business! I have new tools...and you guys do a great job!” Gerson From NJ and Miami





“I’d recommend this to family members. If you are undecided...jump in! You get a top 100 attorney and a top business mind. This is a tremendous event. We are also coming to the next live event! Because I KNOW I will learn new things.” Clement & Alexis San Diego California





Victoria Eng: (Victoria, a teacher, worked a $300,000 overage deal in the class!) “Teaching and DOING...its very effective doing the process. I feel very prepared, and learned new advanced ways of doing overages that are not in the home study course.” Vicoria Eng




John Simms: “I’ve done over 1000 transactions in real estate. Bob gives you personal 1 on 1 time...and it gave me a boost to get motivated and take action. Being around successful overages finders helped me immensely...I found lists at this event!” John Simms Claymont Delaware





Joe Greene - Annaoplis Maryland PHD! Wham, what Bob told him solved his skip trace problems! he liked the ninja tactics that Bob taught him, Joe is making progress and keeping us informed and he LOVED the role plays picking the "tough guy" in the room. Tremendous training overcoming his obstacles, he is now anxious to make calls!



Laura - Found over $150k in overages has 3 people signed up! My big fear was it would be a pitch a thon, it was NOT it was a workshop! I liked the role plays and got to meets lots of people good investment of time and energy. I'd recommend this to a family member!


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