We are not perfect, in over 20,000 transactions in the last 13 years of performing services we have some complaints and we do work to resolve these complaints. We have arbitration set up so that if a client/customer is not happy and wants to seek to resolve the complaint that is done in a fair and ethical way, we arbitrate the difference in opinions of what is right. We started this in 2013 and the intersting part is that we have not had to use that yet, we manage to reach reasonable conclusions with reasonable people.

But, we did not always have reasonable customers and clients, we used to serve a different customer base and perform loan modifications and that was a very difficult client base to serve without reputational damage. That is also why we do not want to do that work anymore, read on for a full explanation.

What I can tell you is that the complaints largely stemmed from our attempts to service a set of customers that came from infomercials and we sold very inexpensive educational courses ($39-$79) and inexpensive continuity memberships at $29 per month. That segment of the population has completely unrealistic expectations and is impossible to satisfy unless you drive to their house and put money in their pockets, they are then very likely to complain about paying taxes.

When you read complaints on the internet you have to look at what the actual complaint is, read carefully to see if it really has merit and balance it out against what you see from our successful students. What I can tell you is that yes, we do invest in real estate and yes I really did loose $1.3 million in a failed development deal in the Carolina's. I had invested in 3 lots and had a luxury home under construction that was intended to be re-sold. Then, 2009 struck and prices plummeted, banks stopped loans, and the project collapsed and I lost my lots and development house. I had also told other investors that I was investing in this deal and they did choose to invest as well, some chose to walk away from their lots and some chose to stick it out. This is investing, there is risk and reward and some of us lost money in this particular investment.

There is one really neat complaint that a coaching student lodged, after a few months in the program his wife decided she did not want to do REI investing and so he decided that he was somehow entitled to a refund. That makes no sense, people had already been paid to deliver the services, the sales people were paid, and the contract was clear, there are no rewards for quitting or changing your mind. This spilled out onto the internet and it was eventually resolved, but it left a "mark".

There are also comments about webinars, irritation about membership programs not used and refunds refused, frankly stupid things that are just typical of our country, take no responsibility and complain to get your way. Look, if I have cable TV, don't use it for 4 months and then ask for a refund do I get it? NO

If I park my car for 4 months because I am travelling on business (Ed actually did this when he was a turnaround CEO/Executive) do you think your bank stops billing you? NO

If you forget to cancel a membership then come back 3 months later asking for your money back? Well no, that is not a reason for a refund.

The simple fact is that, in life, some people are impossible to make happy and will complain, what you have to decide is are the complaints just "carping" or a sign of something more signifiant. In our case, we are not perfect but we are very good at what we do and we are fair.

Well, let our students speak for us click on their video's below.





Gerson: “I am actually DOING this business! I have new tools...and you guys do a great job!” Gerson From NJ and Miami



“I’d recommend this to family members. If you are undecided...jump in! You get a top 100 attorney and a top business mind. This is a tremendous event. We are also coming to the next live event! Because I KNOW I will learn new things.” Clement & Alexis San Diego California



Victoria Eng: (Victoria, a teacher, worked a $300,000 overage deal in the class!) “Teaching and DOING...its very effective doing the process. I feel very prepared, and learned new advanced ways of doing overages that are not in the home study course.” Vicoria Eng


John Simms: “I’ve done over 1000 transactions in real estate. Bob gives you personal 1 on 1 time...and it gave me a boost to get motivated and take action. Being around successful overages finders helped me immensely...I found lists at this event!” John Simms Claymont Delaware


Joe Greene - Annaoplis Maryland PHD! Wham, what Bob told him solved his skip trace problems! he liked the ninja tactics that Bob taught him, Joe is making progress and keeping us informed and he LOVED the role plays picking the "tough guy" in the room. Tremendous training overcoming his obstacles, he is now anxious to make calls!

Laura is working on her $300k deal at the event LIVE with Bob and getting help, this will propell her to success listen to what she has to say.